A gourmet hot chocolate maker is a machine that can be used to create hot and cold beverages. A frother, milk dispenser, and espresso basket make this type of unit suitable for making a series of caffeinated and non-caffeinated drinks. 

An Electrically-Operated Unit

A hot chocolate maker that is electric—operated will cycle cold or hot milk and water into the reservoir where hot chocolate granules are located. Using this type of machine will only require that an end user programs how they would like their beverage to be prepared. A tabletop unit may be used in any type of industrial or residential setting. If preparing a lot of beverages for your workers or clients is of interest, you will want to shop for a large unit that is designed to mass produce hot and cold drinks.

A hot chocolate maker may contain a carafe, which can be used to hold a large volume of hot chocolate. This type of machine will allow you to control how much of a beverage you dispense. If you work in a restaurant setting, for instance, you may discover having access to a carafe will allow you to quickly poor custom chocolate beverages in succession.

An Immersion Unit

A unit may be designed for single beverages or for smaller batches of a chocolate or coffee product. An immersion hot chocolate unit will rely upon the principle of submerging a dry beverage powder into a liquid. An immersion unit is sometimes referred to as a French press. This type of product will require that you boil water in advance if you will be serving either hot chocolate or a hot coffee beverage.

Frothing Capabilities

It is customary for a coffee shop to sell products that possess a light, frothy texture. A frothing feature adds air to a beverage and ensures that all of the components that are used to create a hot or cold beverage are adequately blended. When comparing hot chocolate makers that you may purchase, learn about the frothing feature that each unit contains.

The speed of a frother and the length of time that it will take to prepare beverages can make a difference in how much you enjoy using the new equipment. Many modern machines rely upon digital technology. You can pre-program a unit or can set each preparation function on demand. Units may come with many accessories, which will allow you to create a series of custom beverages.

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