Light duty clear plastic sheeting is a very versatile product that can be used in many ways. Most plastic sheeting is designed using virgin resin. There are many commercial uses for this product.

Way #1: Vapor Barrier

You can use light duty clear plastic sheeting as a vapor barrier. When you are laying concrete, you need to be concerned about moisture moving up through the concrete and impacting the flooring you put on top of it. When you put down a plastic sheeting barrier under the concrete, it can help stop moisture from getting through the concrete. Usually, a thicker plastic sheeting is best when using it as a vapor barrier.

Way #2: Greenhouse Roof

Next, you can use clear plastic sheeting to create a greenhouse roof. You can use regular plastic sheeting to create a greenhouse roof that will allow for heat to get trapped and warm up the area where you are growing your plants. Some special plastics have bubbles inside the material that help increase the insulation levels that the plastic can provide.

Way #3: Closing Off Rooms

When you are remodeling a room, you don't want the dust and dirt from the remodel to carry throughout the house. This can make the mess from the remodel spread out even more. This can be prevented by hanging up clear plastic sheeting. You can use the sheeting to close off rooms that you are not remodeling to contain the mess.

Way #4: Water Structure Liner

Next, you can use plastic sheeting as a liner for water structure. You can use it to line ponds, waterfalls, canals, and other structures as a base for your water structures. This can be great in both commercial and residential applications.

Way #5: Outdoor Covering

Clear plastic sheeting can be used both inside and outside. It can be used to help cover up things. You can use it to cover up your woodpile, for example, or cover up outdoor equipment you don't want to be exposed to the elements. Plastic sheeting that has grommets in it can be useful for anchoring down your outdoor covering.

Plastic sheeting is a very versatile material. It can be used to protect things, cover things up, and create a protective barrier. You can have plastic sheeting custom made with different thickness levels for your projects, you can have it modified with grommets to hang up something, and you can even change the color. Contact a company that provides light duty clear plastic sheeting for more information.