If you live in a climate with frigid temperatures, it is never too early to start preparing for heating oil deliveries to your home as winter weather draws near. You never want to run out of the oil that will help ensure your house is warm throughout the coldest months of the year. It's important to make sure that your home is ready to receive a delivery of heating oil when the time comes. Here are some essential tips to keep in mind before you place your next order for heating services.

1) Be certain that there are no obstructions in the delivery driver's path. 

On the delivery day, the driver will need to have easy access to your oil storage tank. The equipment and hoses that must be carried to the tank are hefty, so it is vital that the driver is not required to maneuver over or around obstacles. Anything that might impede the driver's ability to reach the fill pipe can cause frustrations for everyone involved before the hindrances are cleared away. Check that all lawn debris has been removed, along with trash, furniture, or fragile items. If the delivery is scheduled on a snowy day, confirm that the walkway has been shoveled, and scan the area to verify that there are no other possible hazards. Taking the time to ensure that the pathway is free of blockages will guarantee a smooth and safe delivery. 

2) Know where the tank is located. 

You should be aware of the exact tank location on your property, as you will need to instruct the delivery driver on how to easily reach the area. Determine how the driver will best access the tank. If the tank is behind or beside your house, the entire walkway to the spot should be clear so the driver can move the equipment without trouble. Additionally, be sure to have backyard gates unlocked on the delivery day if necessary. For tanks that are installed underground, you must keep the fill pipe accessible by removing any debris before the delivery day. No matter where the tank is situated, it is crucial that the path to reach the tank is unobstructed.

3) Make sure that the tank is kept in excellent working condition. 

If the heating oil tank is damaged, it may be difficult or unsafe to refill it properly. Prior to planning a delivery, look for any obvious signs of deterioration. Examine the surface of the tank for corrosion spots on the metal, and try to prevent pools of rainwater from settling near an exterior tank to keep rust at bay. If your tank is located underground, take care to maintain the lawn above the tank year-round. Do not allow root systems from nearby trees to overtake the area, as the roots can pierce the body of the tank. One of the most crucial factors to remember is that fire hazards should be eliminated around the tank. Never store lighter fluid, matches, or other flammable materials near the tank. Regularly inspecting the tank in the off-season can ensure that the tank is ready for a fresh heating oil delivery in the winter. 

These helpful tips can guide you through the preparations needed for a safe and uncomplicated heating oil delivery the next time you schedule a refill.

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