It's important for homeowners to understand the systems throughout their home to the best of their ability. This is the same for your home's boiler system. You likely have some questions about your boiler system and boiler systems in general. Here are some of the questions people commonly find themselves having when it comes to their home's boiler system.

What are the signs to tell if you need a new boiler installed?

There may be things that happen with your broiler that can be easily fixed. However, some of those signs may also happen when your boiler needs full replacement. This is why you should have someone come out to look at your boiler at the first signs of trouble. Should you need a new one installed, they can deal with that issue for you as well. Some of the signs that can appear when you need a new boiler installed include:

  • Strange noises
  • Slow rise in water temperature
  • Slow rise in heating the home
  • Flickering lights on the control panel
  • Spotty function of the boiler

What is the benefit of having a new boiler installed?

Even if your older boiler doesn't need to be installed right now, it may be in your best interest to have a newer one installed. Newer models of boilers will generally come with an 'A' efficiency rating, and this means you can keep your home and water heated for much a lower cost.

Where should you have a new boiler installed?

When the time comes to have a new boiler installed, it provides you with the opportunity to change the location of the boiler if you aren't happy with where it currently is. As long as the new boiler can fit in certain locations and have proper access to plumbing piping, you might have many options available to you that you may like better than the location your current one is in.

You can have your new boiler installed in your utility closet as long as it offers the necessary room and other requirements. You can also have it installed in the kitchen if there is a place you would prefer it to be. Another place you might be able to have it installed is in the laundry room, which should have everything needed to house it properly.


Now you have a better idea with regards to boilers, and if you do need a new boiler installation, you have some of the answers you may have been wondering about.