If you are purchasing an aircraft drill, you will also have to choose other things to go with it. This can be confusing if you have never purchased an aircraft drill before. To help you, below are three of the other things you'll need so you can have everything you need when you start working.

Extension Drill Bits

Extension drill bits are much longer than traditional drill bits. These work great in the aircraft industry because you will likely have to make drill holes in deep cavities. Because of the extra length, you can also reach much further over an object you are drilling. For example, you may only have access to what you are drilling in a small, confined area. You are also able to drill at different angles. This will help prevent you from making mistakes.

Because these drill bits are used in this way, they are made of a durable metal. This helps prevent the drill bit from breaking and bending due to the increased cavity and the awkward direction you may have to hold the drill in. There are extension drill bits available in a variety of lengths.

Drill Stops

Along with the drill bits you need to have drill stops. These are springs that are added to the drill bit. This is needed because the springs prevent the drill bit from going through the metal too far when drilling. This will also prevent you from drilling through any other underlying structures.

There are drill stops available in a variety of sizes, so no matter what aircraft drill you are using, you can find drill stops to go along with it.

Pop Rivets

Pop rivets fasten or hold metal or plastic sheets together while you are drilling. This will ensure the drill holes completely match in both metal and plastic sheets. This is because the rivets prevent the sheets from sliding while drilling. The fasteners clip around the edges of the sheet or plastic and are available in a variety of sizes. They are generally made of aluminum or stainless steel. The end of the rivet can bend so it securely fasteners the pieces together. Once the rivets are in place, they are easily removed to separate the sheets when you are finished drilling.

Talk with the salesperson where you purchase the aircraft drill for more details about the above information. The salesperson can also go over other things you should consider when purchasing your aircraft drill.