For some people, choosing a stainless-steel bollard to line the exterior of their business feels like a difficult process, but it doesn't have to be. There are several key factors to look at during the selection process that can make the task a lot easier. If you're struggling to make a decision, here are some of the factors that can assist with your dilemma.


Stainless-steel bollards are available in a variety of different sizes, specifically in terms of length and height. To determine what size bollards you need, start with a focus on design. For example, if you need to install bollards to cover a large area, it might be more aesthetically appealing to install wide bollards, instead of narrow bollards.

If you install a narrower selection, you will have to increase the quantity, which could make the area appear cluttered and unorganized. Whereas if you install a wider unit, you won't need to install as many bollards, which gives the space a cleaner, more professional and organized look. In terms of height, choose the height based on whether you're attempting to keep pedestrians or vehicle traffic away.


How the bollards will function is another important factor. Will the bollards remain in a removable position or will they be stationary? If your organization is looking to install this addition in an area where there is ever vehicular traffic, it might be wise to choose a removable option.

In the event you have a situation where you need to allow traffic to flow through, with a removable bollard, you can quickly move these structures out of the way. If you were to have a stationary unit installed in this same location, traffic would always be inhibited.


All stainless-steel bollards can be designed with different finishes, including a matte, high-gloss or textured style. Neither of these selections is better than the other but is instead a choice of personal preference. To choose between the finishing styles, it's generally best to look at the exterior of the building.

For example, if there are existing stainless-steel additions with a high-gloss finish, choosing bollards in a similar style will be more complementary than a matte or textured selection. If you don't have any stainless-steel additions, you can choose whatever you'd like.

Whenever in doubt, it's always best to consult a professional, such as from Traffic Protectors. Bollards should not just look great, but they should be functional and add safety to your building. A professional can ensure you're selection is aligned with these goals.