Mobile boilers can be transported to any facility for business owners who need a boiler rental to carry out a temporary process or for a company that needs an emergency boiler after the current one has broken down. For example, you may need extra capacity, but not want to invest in a new boiler purchase. 

Boiler Rental Companies

A boiler rental company usually comes with a range of boilers that are easy to hook up to your facility. Most rental companies will handle the installation and will provide support for when something goes wrong.

Auxiliary Equipment

When renting a boiler, you will need to know the capacity range and pressure. You must also know the auxiliary equipment that comes with the boiler. Equipment can include:

  • Hot water services
  • Fuel handling
  • Water treatment
  • A pump
  • Storage
  • Electric switchgear

Discuss with the company representative the needs of your business to determine which equipment you will need. 

In some cases, you may not need to rent a boiler but simply rent boiler equipment. For instance, you may need a water treatment system that is not normally needed to filter out a contaminant. Businesses that offer boiler rentals will also usually offer other equipment related to boilers.

Trailer Boilers

When you need one of the most powerful boilers available, you may want to consider a trailer boiler. From the back of a trailer, these boilers can range from 100 hp to 80,000 pph. They can also be combined with any type of boiler auxiliary. 

Insurance And Environmental Considerations

The boiler will need to be environmentally compliant by having high efficiency and using burners that come with emission control. To provide further peace of mind, many boiler rental companies come with the option of purchasing insurance in case something goes wrong, and the boiler is damaged.


To operate the boiler, many boiler rental companies offer training either for free or at an additional cost. The lessee is usually provided with an instruction manual. The boiler should be operated by a competent engineer, preferably one who has experience with boilers.

Make sure to verify the services that the boiler rental company provides before signing a contract. Some companies offer all-in-one services, while other companies only provide boilers and everything else, from freight to hookups, are the responsibility of the lessee. There are other rental companies that also sell boilers and offer boiler replacement parts. 

Contact a boiler company for more information and assistance.