Accuracy is of vital importance when it comes to using pressure gauges for industrial applications. An imprecise pressure gauge can cause a lot of problems at your facility. It can cause equipment to function less efficiently and it can lead to the production of an inferior product.

You need to maintain a high level of accuracy when using pressure gauges at your industrial facility to ensure optimum productivity and profitability at your company. The following are five things that can be done to make pressure gauges more accurate:

Routinely check pressure gauges against a master gauge

A master gauge is used as a standard for determining the accuracy of pressure gauges. This type of gauge is made specifically to show precise pressure and is not necessarily used for practical applications other than calibrating gauges.

Industrial facility managers should have access to a master pressure gauge to use for calibration purposes. If your facility is not large enough to own its own master gauge, it's important to contract with a dependable gauge repair and maintenance contractor who can assist you in this matter. 

Invest in quality when purchasing your pressure gauges

There are many different pressure gauge options out there on the market. Some are far more affordable than others, but cheaper pressure gauge models are likely to have prominent deficiencies when it comes to accuracy. 

Pressure gauges typically have different inflation pressure ratings that you need to pay attention to. The higher the inflation pressure rating, the more accurate your gauge will be. 

Use digital pressure gauges rather than analog pressure gauges

The most accurate option when it comes to pressure gauges is digital. These days, digital pressure gauges are becoming increasingly more prominent. Go digital if you're looking for ways to maximize accuracy. 

Compare readings from different pressure gauges to see if they give the same results

One thing you can do yourself around your facility to detect for inaccuracies is to simply compare your pressure gauges. Any differences between pressure gauges show that there is an accuracy issue that needs to be inspected and attended to. 

Make sure that you're using a pressure gauge that's appropriately rated for your application

Every pressure gauge will have its own pressure rating. If you're wondering how to determine what pressure rating is appropriate for your application, you should be aware of the fact that your gauge should have a pressure rating that's twice a much as the inflation pressure of the gauge you're using. Contact a company like Nationwide Gage Calibration for more help.