Casters are a more complex part than many realize. They are often not noticed unless they become damaged. However, choosing the wrong caster can cause problems for your application. Fortunately, there are a large number of materials that casters can be made from.

Metal Materials

Forged steel casters are the best option for those who need more durability. They have the best load capacity, rollability and resistance to impact. Heavy duty casters are essential for bins, rolling carts and utility carts where you are concerned about the casters breaking and potentially damaging the contents stored within or the bin itself. Heavy duty casters are needed for tough applications such as ship building and manufactured housing. 

For high heat applications, it is necessary to use cast iron casters or ductile iron. One of the advantages of ductile iron is that it has high tensile and yield strength. It is also more resistant to chipping and breaking. Cast iron wheels are also beneficial because they are resistant to abrasion and do not require a lot of effort to begin rolling.


The downsides of metal casters is that they can cause damage as they roll across the floor. One option that avoids this are polyurethane casters. These have a higher capacity than rubber and will last longer. However, rubber is more cushioned and quieter. 

High-Tech Solutions

Part of the problem is that if you need a high load capacity, but also need to avoid damaging floors, both the polyurethane and metal casters will not be suitable. One solution is to instead choose phenolic resin. NyTec-MD also has a durability that is comparable to metal casters, but is also more durable and easier to maintain. Glass-filled nylon is another high-tech solution and has high heat resistance.

V-Groove And Flanged Casters

Casters that have a slight crown will improve rolling. If they have a v-groove, they may be used both on track or off track, which is necessary for certain types of equipment. Flanged casters are another option for this purpose and are useful when high wear and durability are required. Flanged casters allow for higher capacity and are easier to roll than many other options.

Pneumatic Wheels

Pneumatic wheels are used in situations where durability is not a concern since they are very soft. Because they have a lot of cushioning, they do not damage the floors and also do not produce as much sound. 

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