After repeatedly dealing with leaking containment tanks or ductwork in your chemical facility and calling plastic welding services constantly to make repairs, you may want to replace your old equipment. You can often ask the plastic welding company you already use to create some custom pieces for you. That can be a great idea because they already have some idea of the type of chemicals you work with and know the kinds of issues you're dealing with. If you want custom plastic pieces, ask these questions.

What Kind of Plastic Will You Use?

Your current containment tanks may be made of polypropylene due to that plastic's ability to resist corrosion from the chemicals you use. However, the company you're working with might suggest another type of plastic, depending on their own capabilities and their understanding of your requirements. Just be sure that the plastic they will use will not be affected by the chemicals used on any given day inside your facility.

How Can You Improve on What We Already Use?

You may plan to just have the plastic welding company recreate the tanks you've been using for some time, but now is the time to think clearly about how those tanks might be improved. For instance, if the previous tanks were round, might it be more helpful to your employees if the tanks were rectangular and larger? Do you prefer smaller, oval tanks that can be nested for easier storage? Do your ducts or tanks need to be constructed with greater wall thickness? Talk with your employees and the staff at the plastic welding company to ensure that your custom pieces will be beneficial and well-used.

Can the Pieces Be Set Up After Hours?

If you've asked for the custom pieces after a recent leak, you might not be so eager to have to make time for even more delays as your new pieces are installed and tested. It's smart to ask whether the plastic welding company can set up the pieces after hours or on the weekend. This will allow them more time to work without rushing, and you don't have to worry that your projects will be thrown off schedule. The company may charge more for this, but it can end up being a wise move for everyone involved. This can be especially important if you plan to test new chemicals with the new plastic pieces.

With these questions, custom plastic pieces can be welded and fabricated for your company. Ensure that you have great communication so you can be satisfied with the final products.